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The Aim of the Daughters of Mokanna is to bring into closer relationship the families of Grotto members. To promote Sociability, Friendship, Charity, Education and Patriotism. The Purpose of this Order is to assist and cooperate with the local Grotto in every way possible. The Daughters of Mokanna stand ready and willing to do so at all times when called upon. Our Endeavor is to make our Ceremonials attractive and full of clean fun. It helps us to forget the troubles and worries of everyday life. Above all, cheerful good fellowship is ever our purpose. We are cordially inviting every Wife, Widow, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughters, or Legally Adopted Daughter to become a member.

The ladies started the Daughters of Mokanna El Jaala Caldron #104 in 2000.   We meet on the  3rd Thursday of each month at the Skokie Masonic Center and hold numerous social and charitable events thru out the year.   Membership is open to any woman over 18 with a Masonic relative.  The Daughters of Mokanna of El Jaala #104 is social organization for women and is associated with the Grottoes of North America.  Our Big Brothers are the Prophets of El Jaala Grotto.

Daughters of Mokanna El Jaala #104 objectives are both social and philanthropic.

The major humanitarian work is for the aide and assistance of children with Cerebral Palsy, or kids with special needs. This is supported by purchasing Enchanted Lanterns through the Supreme Council and M.O.V.P.E.R Humanitarian Foundation

El Jaala Caldron #104 Past Mighty Chosen Ones

Grace Schermerhorn 2000-2002                                                   Heidi Witas 2009-2010

Laura Hammond 2002-2004                                                           Marie Green 2010-2011

Jeannette Thompson 2004-2005                                                   Bonnie Baboorian 2011-2012                                  

Tina Heinz 2005-2006                                                                        Dawn Witas 2012-2013

Elizabeth Rivera 2006-2007                                                             Laura Hammond 2013-2014

Spring Kelley-Baker  2007-2008                                                     Sue Witas 2014-2015

Melissa Kelley 2008-2009                                                                  Grace Schermerhorn 2015-2016

                                                                                                                       Joy Lugo 2016-

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